UV Water Filtration Technology for Purification of Water

Article written by EastMiadlandsWater.com

Drinking purified water is a necessity because contaminated water is the cause of a number of water-borne diseases, which can be extremely hazardous to human health. There are a number of effective water filtration techniques, which are incorporated in water filters to eliminate contamination.

UV filtration is one such method through which a large amount of chemical or biological impurities present in water can be removed.  UV water filter is incorporated with Ultraviolet lamps, which radiate UV rays. Along with UV lamps, there are effective pre-filtration and other techniques present in a UV filter to purify water.

Elimination of microbes through UV rays

UV radiations are powerful radiations, effective in destroying the genetic material of a number of microbes responsible for causing Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid and other severe diseases. The destruction of genetic material or DNA of an organism is an assurance of prohibited growth of microbes.

Components of UV filter system

UV water filter system consists of a number of components, which work in combination with each other to convert impure water into pure water. Some of the main components are – UV controller unit, UV lamp, UV sensor, UV chamber, UV Quartz sleeve, Flowmeter, Water inlet and outlet, etc.

Benefits of installation of UV filters

There are a number of reasons due to which a UV water filter can serve you better than any other water filter. It is a cost-effective method. Due to minimal electricity consumption, it doesn’t increase your electricity bill and its maintenance cost is also quite low.

Due to the utilization of UV radiation in UV water filters, many people might doubt about the safety of water purified by UV filters, but the fact is, this method is very safe. The process of filtration of water occurs within an enclosed container, in a very controlled environment. Hence it doesn’t pose any risk to our life.

While using technically developed filters or chemicals, it has been observed that they bring a noticeable change in the odour or taste of water, but this is not the case with UV water filters. In fact, when using UV water filters for purification of water, it modifies and enhances the taste and appearance of water.

UV filters don’t need long reaction time to purify water and hence delivers quick purification results. The device is designed in a way to fit even in little spaces. Hence, you don’t need to manage space when you are planning to buy UV water filter.

Considerable things

You should always consider buying certified UV water filters to get quality assurance and efficiency of the device. A device works better if it is used properly, so it is important to read the user manual of water purifier after it has been installed successfully in your home.

The temperature of water you are treating within the UV filter is a considerable thing. Hence you should keep a watch on it. It is also recommended to remove suspended impurities from the water through physical methods to make your UV filter work efficiently.

UV filters are one of the effective water filtration devices, which can employ a combination of water purification techniques to produce effective water disinfecting results.