Get To Know the Kind of Services a Professional Lawn Care Company Offers

Lawn care professionals know more beyond grass mowing and maintaining ideal grass blade height. Therefore, instead of hiring a handy man to help you, look for proper lawn care services.

Technical knowledge is needed in providing accurate lawn care. Experienced homeowners in Houston know how vital it is to control weed development, which many of them are unaware of. They never hesitate to call Houston Lawn Care Services.

Besides weed control, there are other lawn maintenance issues that need to be taken care of. Experts from Houston Lawn Care Services address issues with pesky worms, bugs, dry spots, fungus, and more.freshly cut lawn

Professional lawn care experts make your turf look attractive, healthy, and safe. Different kinds of services a lawn care agency offers include

  • Mowing – Mowing includes keeping mower blades sharp, eliminating unequal grass height, and use different mowing patterns.
  • Fertilization & weed control – Experts determine the best treatment on the basis of lawn type and condition. Resolving weed issue and fertilization is an ongoing process, especially the timing is vital. Curative and preventive fungicide application needs technical knowhow as well as appropriate tools.
  • Insect control – Controlling pests need a totally different approach. It depends on the kind of insects involved. Professionals can stop the bugs from entering your house or control population of chiggers, fleas and ticks outside with accurate treatment.

Attain a beautiful and manicured lawn by hiring professional Lawn Care Company in your locality.