Tackling the Problem of an Inferior Garage Service

When you are the owner of a car, it is your responsibility to look after it and maintain it.
For this, you could take your car to the local garage for regular services. Now, the question arises of quality. What would you do, if you do not receive value for money? In this brief article, we try to tackle this question.

It is expected from the garage owner to provide their customers with:

• Excellent service
• Look into their complaints.
• Finish the repairs on time.
• Charge a nominal rate.

However, many a times a situation could occur that your car goes from bad to worse after a car diagnostics East London from a service provider. Now, obviously, the garage owners are at fault, but will they agree to pay? That’s the question!

Seek the help of another garage:

If the original garage refuses to help you, you would do better by taking a second opinion. You should take the car to a second garage in order to prove to the original garage that your car does need the repairs, which could not be provided at their shop.

Provide a full written quotation of prices and the cost of the car diagnostics East London offered by the second service provider to the first garage to enable them to reimburse you in full for the damages caused.

However, if that garage falls under the banner of some trade association, which sets out specific rules and norms, the best thing to do would be to take your case to them for an out of court settlement.